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The patent registered BIOCOS®-wastewater treatment process represents an effective advancement of the conventional activated sludge system and the sequencing batch reactor system.
Main differences concern the sludge conveying. The common final clarifier with scraping unit and return sludge pumping station including related pipe works is replaced by two sedimentation and circulation reactors.
Based on a special modular system, waste water treatment plants with sizes ranging from 500 to 500,000 PT can benefit from energy saving process design.

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BIOCOS®-System technology -
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  • Constant water level during the whole process cycle
  • Continuous process (continuous hydraulic inflow and outflow)
  • Compact construction/low space demand
  • Straight forward process and I&C technology
  • Modular concept allows easy and cost-saving extension
  • Low manpower requirement
  • High cleaning efficiency
    (nitrification / denitrification / phosphor elimination)
  • Energy-saving process (25% less than conventional technology)
  • Easy fully operation automatic operation
  • Reliable equipment (trouble free winter operation)
Benefits of BIOCOS®-Systems

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Your benefit
from ZWT

Scope of ZWT-engineering
  • Engineering and delivery of BIOCOS® turnkey plants or
  • Process design and engineering of BIOCOS®-system technology supply of the key components
  • General process design for waste water treatment plants with dynamic simulation models
  • System operation consulting
200 BIOCOS® plants in operation / construction / design
  • 140 turnkey BIOCOS® plants
  • 60 plants designed and equipped with BIOCOS® system technology